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Camdec Logistics Companies Offer Freight Services in Shepparton

For all your freight and transport needs, look no further than Camdec Logistics, operating in Shepparton and across Australia! This new company is family owned and is supported by 30 years of industry experience. With a philosophy that prioritises speed and security, we are always one step ahead in providing you with quality service that merits our high rate of customer satisfaction.

A reliable network Australia-wide

Transport companies across Australia are all focussed on the simplicity of location and destination, departure and arrival, send and receive. At Camdec Logistics, we agree that that is an important factor in service but the unique difference between ours and other logistical businesses is the care we take during your parcel’s journey. With a high focus on speed and safety, we ensure that the understanding of your specific needs and a “sender” is uniform across our network of national staff. We are fully aware of the blind trust that customers put in any transport service, which is why we do our best to employ our staff on the basis of their reliability and train them in positive customer service.

Our caring staff is what makes our service great

We are really proud of our hardworking and thorough staff — they are the key to our success. Employed for their ability to uphold deadlines, plan their routes and, above all, understand the needs and expectations of our clients, our staff are trained to maintain the integrity of each of the packages they deliver in order to bring you, our customers, peace of mind.

Trust us to do more than just acquire and abandon

At Camdec Logistics, we provide more than just your basic transport service. With staff who care for your package on its journey from place to place — from Shepparton to Griffith, Albury to Wagga and anywhere in between — we are a transport company you can trust! Get in contact with us today to speak to one of our transport experts. Give us a call on 0439 983 849 or shoot us an email on peter@camdec.com.au and Peter will be pleased to give you a prompt response. Instead, you may like to make use of our convenient online contact form here!